Gale's Lattice Quilt Kit

$55.00 - $65.00
  • Gale's Lattice Quilt Kit

This is a kit for the May Chappell Gale's Lattice Quilt pattern.

Fabric to make wall hanging.
- Fabric A: 1/4 yard
- Fabric B: 5/8 yard
- Fabric C: 1/2 yard
- Fabric D: 1/8 yard
- Fabric E: 1/8 yard
- Fabric F/Border: 3/4 yard

PRECUT means your pieces will come cut and labeled to correspond with the pattern.

Images show representative fabrics: Bright & Fun, Cool & Easy, Soft & Muddy

Fabrics are cut from May Chappell stash- shown fabrics are representative, not the actual fabrics. Please reach out with special requests.